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Anatrace is now part of Affymetrix, Inc.
At Anatrace, we’re committed to aiding the researcher by developing and supplying unique, high-purity biochemical products – all designed to give you the confidence and peace of mind that come from accurate results. All at affordable prices. This commitment has made Anatrace an internationally recognized leader in manufacturing detergent reagents for membrane protein studies.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of USB Corporation, Anatrace was founded in 1984 by Dr. Don Gray, Dr. Barry Watson and Dr. Melvin Keyes. At first, the company developed instruments for the Department of Defense and supplied parts for clinical instruments. In fact, Anatrace won several NIH SBIR grants in the area of medical instrumentation.

The company soon shifted its focus to manufacturing surfactants for membrane protein extraction and purification. With the help of Dr. Shelagh Ferguson-Miller at Michigan State University, Anatrace developed a high-purity form of lauryl maltoside. Financial support from the NIH SBIR program allowed Anatrace to steadily expand its product line.

Today, researching integral membrane proteins is more important than ever. Studies show that they account for almost 30% of the proteins encoded by the genome. And nearly 60% of all drugs target membrane proteins. However, these proteins are notoriously difficult to study; the researcher is faced with the challenge of solubilizing the protein without disturbing its stability, function, or native structure.

Anatrace helps the researcher overcome these challenges with a wide variety of unique, high-purity alternatives to conventional detergents. These include our lipid-like Fos-Choline® detergents, CYMAL® detergents, and our PMAL™ polymeric solubilization aids

At Anatrace, we’re here to help you, the researcher.

In January 2008, Affymetrix acquired Anatrace and USB Corporation

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