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Molecular Innovations

Molecular Innovations


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Leading the way in coagulation and fibrinolysis for nearly 30 years.


Founded in 1990, Molecular Innovations is a trailblazer in manufacturing antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, and so much more. We have been leading the way in coagulation and fibrinolysis for nearly 30 years! We were the first commercial source of recombinant human PAI-1, and the innovations have continued from there. Recent projects include using CRISPR technologies to create null mice for coagulation factors, fibrinolytic enzymes, and inhibitors, developing cutting-edge ELISA kits, and working with top researchers on custom projects. Located in Southeast Michigan, we offer a wide range of unique and specialized ELISA kits, recombinant Plasminogen Activators, REcombinant PAI-1, and more. Our team of researchers continues to develop industry-leading products that are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility under stringent quality control standards, giving our global customer base access to the highest-quality research materials available. Our full catalog of products and pricing is available on our website, and we are also able to work with researchers directly to develop custom products and research materials to meet specific research requirements.


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