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Here is a glimpse of new products on the near horizon.
New miRZips™: Novel lentivector-based technologies to permanently knockdown MicroRNAs.
Dual marker shRNA expression vector: SBI will release a new and powerful shRNA expression lentivector pGreenPuro™ to enable both GFP and Puro marker selection of stably transduced cells for your RNAi experiments.
Sterol response pGreenFire™ lenti-reporters: Lentivector-based transcription reporters for the monitoring of transcriptional network activity associated with sterol-sensing transcription factors - key to cardiovascular disease pathways.
Inducible expression lentivectors: New constructs will allow for the "on-demand" expression of cDNAs, shRNAs and microRNAs.
New and unique products for 2007–2008

New miR-SNaREs: MicroRNA Small Non-coding RNA Enrichment Systems that use epitope-tagged microRNA processing factors to pull-down the proteins and their associated RNAs. Identify messenger RNAs driven to RISC complexes.
New GeneNet™ Focused shRNA Libraries: These focused shRNA Libraries encode a pooled set of shRNAs designed against all genes of a speciic function or class for Human Kinases, Phosphatases or Apoptosis-related genes. These libraries enable targeted high-throughput RNAi screens.
New miRNome MicroRNA Profilers: The qPCR arrays include microRNA assays in pre-formatted plates for either the full compliment of human or the full compliment of mouse individual microRNAs with three endogenous reference RNA controls on each plate. All microRNA assays based on the Sanger miRBase microRNA database registered entries.
New Lenti-miR™ MicroRNA Precursor Clones: Expanded microRNA precursor collection available in HIV-based Lentiviral Vectors. Over 580 individual microRNA precursor clones available arrayed or as pooled lentivirus for HT screens.
New Lentiviral-based Stem Cell Reporters: SBI’s growing list of lentivectors has been developed as the most effective way to deliver genetic constructs into virtually any cell types in vitro and in vivo. SBI has expanded our lentivector construct line into stem cell reporters. Create transgenic cell lines easily to monitor cellular differentiation using cell and pathway-specific promoters linked to GFP reporters.
QuantiMir™ RT Kit: this new and popular technology allows for the real-time qPCR quantitation of hundreds of microRNAs simultaneously from a single cDNA synthesis. Design your own microRNA assays for innovative experimentation.
Cancer microRNA qPCR assay panel (The OncoMir Collection): preformatted microRNA assay panel to assess 95 microRNAs known to be involved in Cancer.
Stem Cell microRNA assay panel: profile 95 microRNAs involved in Stem Cell differentiation enabling the simultaneous monitoring of stem cell self-maintenance, hematopoiesis pathways and neural differentiation.

SBI’s well-established product lines

Full Spectrum™ Complete messenger RNA Amplification Kit: utilize mRNA specific primers targeting the most common motifs in mRNA to provide unbiased, complete representation of entire mRNA transcripts (both the 5’ and 3’ ends).
GeneNet™ siRNA Libraries: Genome-wide, ready-to-use, pre-packaged lentiviral libraries provide an exciting opportunity for the screening of gene functions associated with biological responses.
Interferon Response Detection Kit: distinguish between real RNA interference and stress-related cellular responses.
PathNet™ Transcriptional Reporter Lentivectors: a unique method to create a wide range of stable reporter cell lines for the study of signaling pathways.

We are grateful for your support in the past and look forward to providing you with the best new reagents, technologies and services to accelerate your successful research objectives.


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