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Gemini/B27神经细胞培养补充剂Gem21 NeuroPlex™ Serum-Free Supplement/400-160-10188bio精品生物—专注于实验室精品爆款的电商平台 - 蚂蚁淘旗下精选188款生物医学科研用品
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Gemini/B27神经细胞培养补充剂Gem21 NeuroPlex™ Serum-Free Supplement/400-160-10

Comparable to Gibco’s B-27™, Gem21 NeuroPlex™ is a chemicallydefined, serum-free supplement for use in the culture of neuralcells and to promote the differentiation of embryonic stem cellsinto pancreatic and neuronal lines. When used in conjunction withour NeuroPlex™ serum-free neuronal medium, this product obviatesthe need for co-culture with astrocyte feeder cells. Supplied asa 50X concentrate.

Sterile filtered 
Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at -20 to -10°C

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product,contact your sales representative.