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Weighing Scales Australia - Scales for Weighing | A&D Weighing Metal Detectors for In-line Food Processing A&D Weighing Precision Balances and Scales Global Leaders in Industrial Weighing Equipment and SystemsCompact and innovative design to suit production linesStrengthen Brand protection and recall preventionEasy to read and operate touchscreen displayLocal supply and supportView X-RaySafety and reliability is one of your top prioritiesIncrease quality control and reduce wasteEnsure you have data capture and moreServiced and Supported Nationally Stocked in Australia Invest in Peace of Mind View Product NowIdeal for food packing and preparationIP67 flour/dust/waterproof and submersible for thorough washingBright and multi-coloured 5 step LED comparator lamps5000 hours of continuous operationTouch sensitive capacitive keys for easy useStainless steel weighing pan, and waterproof load cellView Product NowInnovative impact shock detection technologyProtection against vertical and transverse static overloadingFlow rate display and comparator functionOne touch internal calibrationAuto precision assessment (APA) and minimum weightcalculation using electronically controlled loadView Product NowHigh-speed measurement—response within 1 secondMulti-colored 5-step LED comparator lightsIP65 dust waterproof base unit with a stainless SUS430 panCounting mode, Accumulation (M+) function and moreView Product NowEK-EP Intrinsically Safe IECEx Compact Scale Featuring a compact and lightweight design and an easy-to-read LCD screen, these EK-EP Intrinsically Safe Weighing Scales are IECEx compliant, providing an effective weighing solution for a range of applications, including hazardous area weighing.Highly portable, this IECEx scale can easily be taken on the go, making it a popular choice among the many IECEx weighing systems available. And because it’s an intrinsically safe weighing scale, you can trust that the top pan balance will provide precise weight measurement even in potentially explosive or hazardous environments and workplaces.Click here to view our IECEx Certificate of Conformity View Details You may not think of A D as a household name, but nearly every Australian adult relies on A D precision scales as a regular part of their lives. Have you ever taken a letter or a parcel to your local post office? If so, you will have seen our reliable weighing systems in action.As one of Australia s leading manufacturers and suppliers of weighing scales, laboratory balances, scales weighing equipment and weighing inspection systems, A D have proudly built and calibrated scales for Australia Post, as well as many other local and International companies. For years, A D have supplied to a range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, educational, food, government, health, testing, mining, and science, among others. Our reputation for quality, precision and reliability sees A D weighing and balance scales highly sought after and requested both locally and around the globe.Whether you need commercial digital scales for your Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart etc business or weighing systems for multiple chain stores, A D offers an extensive range of weigh scales and balances as well as measurement and testing products. In addition, we also boast a highly skilled local team that specialise in factory automation, scale service and calibration, food inspection systems, system design, and integration projects. Our extensive range of commercial scales and scales weighing equipment includes the following:X-ray for food processing systemsIndustrial weigh scalesWarehouse, logistics and platform scalesWet area scalesCounting scalesNMI trade approved scalesAutomatic checkweighing inspection systemsFood scalesScale baseworksCommercial industrial scalesLoad cellsWeight displaysIndicators and controllersDynamic weighing and inspection systemsScientific laboratory digital balancesPrecision micro balancesViscometersMoisture analysersEZI-Check checkweigher and food metal detectorWeight capture softwareAnd more!Industrial weighing scalesBeing able to weigh your products accurately is an important part of a business. With the right industrial weighing scale, you can easily monitor your inventory and manage your products accurately. From heavy parcels to fresh produce, our high quality and robust industrial scales will keep your operations running smoothly. Warehouse, logistics and platform scales Platform and pallet scales are best suited for heavier items where robustness is key. We offer a range of options in various finishes to suit all types of businesses, including painted mild steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel. The weighing capacity supports up to 3000kg for handling large items easily.Wet area scales Waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-resistant, wet area scales are easy to keep clean in order to maintain hygiene standards. Applicable environments include raw packing production, chemical-based industries and food processing where cross-contamination must be avoided. Wet area scales are robust and multi-functional for standard and heavy weighing needs.Counting scalesEasy to use and highly accurate, our counting scales will help you eliminate errors and unnecessary repetition during large volume counting jobs. These weighing scales can be used for counting as well as weighing objects, and are designed for accurate parts counting as well as bulk counting. Counting scales are versatile and can be used in various applications, including manufacturing, packaging, inventory stocktaking, and jewellery or coin counting. NMI trade approved scalesOur extensive range of NMI trade approved scales will ensure that your business meets stringent retail requirements and Australian government standards. From bench scales to checkweighing scales, we have the trade approved scale you require. X-ray for food processing systems For increased protection and food safety compliance, X-ray technology can play a vital role in production lines. These advanced systems can be used to identify inconsistencies and contaminants in your products before they leave the warehouse, preventing recalls and reinforcing your customers confidence in the quality of your product and brand. Automatic checkweighing inspection systemsHaving reliable, high performance inspection equipment will help to ensure that your products are always within the correct weight parameters. Our Japanese designed in-line inspection systems, metal detectors and checkweighers will check the weight of individual packets/punnets/products to reduce product giveaway and improve efficiencies in your production process. Food scalesOur range of reliable and efficient food weighing scales makes food preparation and food packing tasks much easier. With waterproof and dust proof protection, our easy to operate scales will be protected from accidental spills or debris, and can be thoroughly cleaned. Choose A D food scales to meet the increasing demands for food safety, quality and regulatory compliance.Scale baseworksThese floor-based weighing bases are rugged and reliable, and can be connected to any of the A D digital indicators and weighing displays. Available in standard and customised measurements, most models come with enclosed load cells for added protection and are built to withstand the rigours of industrial usage.Load cellsIdeal for multi-point weighing, load cells can be used on most weighing scales and work by converting tension, compression or pressure into an electrical output that can be measured. At A D Weighing, we stock a range of load cells to suit various applications and requirements, including beam type load cells, compression load cells, tension load cells, and more.Weight displays Our remote weighing displays can easily connect to all A D balances and scales using either RS-232C or current loop. Clear and bright LED digits make it easy to read results, and our weighing displays are sturdily built with engineered plastic.Indicators and controllers Our weighing indicators and controllers are used across a broad range of industries to display and manage weight measurements. They can be used with our wide range of weighing scales and bases for various applications, offering a wide range of functionalities such as simple weighing, check weighing, batch weighing and more.Dynamic weighing and inspection systems We stock precision checkweighing systems for many applications to help you keep up with the fast paced demands of production. Ensure that your processes are well controlled through A D’s intelligent reporting that our dynamic weighing inspection systems has to offer. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, these weighing scales should be an essential part of your production line.Scientific laboratory digital balancesIn many laboratories, precision is key. Our analytical weighing balances are suitable for measuring a range of materials including solids, tissue, powders and liquids to name a few. As a staple piece of equipment in any laboratory set-up, these digital weighing balances are globally trusted instruments which provide accurate readings, using top of the line technology.Precision micro balancesMicro balances are built with precision accurate weighing in mind for laboratory and research applications. Thanks to their highly sensitive readability, A D’s precision balances can offer a measuring range of fractions of a microgram, which is ideal for even the smallest of sample amounts.ViscometersA D’s unique Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers are used to measure the viscosity of a fluid, and are perfect for applications with inks, coating materials, wax, oil, and other similar materials. Whether you are in the food industry or you need to improve the overall quality control of your fluid-based products, our viscometers will give you fast and accurate results.Moisture analysersWith a sophisticated system for determining moisture, moisture analysers are used to detect the moisture content in a range of materials such as pastes, liquids, chemicals, plastics, food products and more. This type of moisture balance provides quick and accurate results so you can stay on top of your quality control.EZI-Check checkweigher and food metal detectorTo improve productivity and to increase consumer safety, food metal detectors and checkweighers are used to identity under and over-weight products as well as foreign contaminants if they come through the production line. These highly intelligent weighing inspection systems can be easily integrated into new and existing production lines and will provide companies with a quality assurance system that ensures safe products for end-customers.Weight capture software Proactively monitor processes and create constant opportunity for productivity improvement through data capture software. A D can assist in many ways with a total data capture solution. This can be as simple as our free software utilities, designed to connect an A D instrument or system directly into popular PC applications, or fully automated data capture and efficiency monitoring solutions through our inspection systems. Read moreAs demands grow ever more stringent, clients require measurement solutions they can trust to provide precision, value and reliability. Make A D your first choice in measurement instrumentation and process control knowhow. Click here to read about our A D Weighing Applications Stories. A&D has an extensive range of weighing scales & balances, measurement & testing products as well as a highly skilled local team for factory automation, scale service & calibration, system design.


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