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Trusted partner to the diagnostic testing industry

Developing innovative products to support emerging test methods.

SeraCare is a leading partner and supplier of diagnostic quality controls, biological materials, and reagents to in vitro diagnostics developers, clinical laboratories, and life science researchers worldwide. Since the early 1980's, we have supported the diagnostic testing industry with biological materials to develop, validate and challenge today's most trusted serology and molecular infectious disease assays. With the evolution of testing and the growing needs of our clients, we have expanded our business to support precision medicine diagnostics and advanced diagnostic applications such as next-generation sequencing and digital PCR.

Passion. Innovation. Precision.

nabling the promise of precision medicine through precision diagnostics.

SeraCare provides innovative technologies that leverage our deep experience and unique perspective to enable the promise of precision medicine. This is a result of our unwavering commitment to serve and empower clinical and research laboratories, as well as in vitro diagnostics developers. The precision diagnostics materials we develop establish a framework for compiling, interpreting and regulating the influx of new genetic information. These critical technologies bridge the gap between today’s diagnostic solutions and tomorrow’s emerging tools for molecular diagnostics and next-generation sequencing.

SeraCare is as passionate about ending the mystery and misery of disease as the dedicated scientists we serve. That is why we provide the same rigor, accuracy and thoroughness in our solutions as these quiet heroes do in their research.

Everyone at SeraCare takes personalized medicine very personally. We’re committed to being on the forefront of this amazing era

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