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Immunoway/Cleaved-Caspase-2 p18 (T325) Cell-Based Colorimetric ELISA Kit/96 well/KA3935C188bio精品生物—专注于实验室精品爆款的电商平台 - 蚂蚁淘旗下精选188款生物医学科研用品
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Immunoway/Cleaved-Caspase-2 p18 (T325) Cell-Based Colorimetric ELISA Kit/96 well/KA3935C

Cleaved-Caspase-2 p18 (T325) Cell-Based Colorimetric ELISA Kit

  • Catalog No.:KA3935C
  • Applications:ELISA
  • Reactivity:Human,Mouse,Rat
  • Data Sheet
  • MSDS
  • Support
  • Description
  • References ( 0 )
  • Protocol
    • Gene Name:
    • CASP2
    • Human Gene Id:
    • 835
    • Human Swiss Prot No:
    • P42575
    • Mouse Swiss Prot No:
    • P29594
    • Rat Swiss Prot No:
    • P55215
    • Storage Stability:
    • 4°C/6 months
    • Other Name:
    • Caspase-2 (CASP-2) (EC (Neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-regulated protein 2) (NEDD-2) (Protease ICH-1) [Cleaved into: Caspase-2 subunit p18; Caspase-2 subunit p13; Caspase-2 subunit p12]
    • Detection Method:
    • Colorimetric
    • Background:
    • alternative products:Isoforms differ in the N- and C-termini,catalytic activity:Strict requirement for an Asp residue at P1, with 316-asp being essential for proteolytic activity and has a preferred cleavage sequence of Val-Asp-Val-Ala-Asp-|-.,function:Involved in the activation cascade of caspases responsible for apoptosis execution. Might function by either activating some proteins required for cell death or inactivating proteins necessary for cell survival.,PTM:The mature protease can process its own propeptide, but not that of other caspases.,similarity:Belongs to the peptidase C14A family.,similarity:Contains 1 CARD domain.,subunit:Heterotetramer that consists of two anti-parallel arranged heterodimers, each one formed by a p18 subunit and a p12 subunit. Interacts with LRDD.,tissue specificity:Expressed at higher levels in the embryonic lung, liver and kidney than in the heart and brain. In adults, higher level expression is seen in the placenta, lung, kidney, and pancreas than in the heart, brain, liver and skeletal muscle.,
    • Function:
    • proteolysis, apoptosis, anti-apoptosis, induction of apoptosis, cell death, induction of apoptosis by extracellular signals, regulation of cell death, positive regulation of cell death, programmed cell death, induction of programmed cell death, death, protein processing, regulation of apoptosis, positive regulation of apoptosis, negative regulation of apoptosis, regulation of programmed cell death, positive regulation of programmed cell death, negative regulation of programmed cell death, protein maturation, protein maturation by peptide bond cleavage, negative regulation of cell death,
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