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KAMIYA BIOMEDICAL COMPANY was founded by Kohji Kamiya in March of 1983 in Thousand Oaks, California and relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1996. Our company's purpose is supplying the life science and medical communities with innovative laboratory research and diagnostic tools of the highest quality. KAMIYA is an independent American company that serves worldwide markets.

Since 1983 The company's first products were protein kinase inhibitors, staurosporine and its analog, K252a. Staurosporine was discovered in 1977 by Dr. Satoshi Ohmura who is a 2015 Nobel Prize winner. This was the first commercially available staurosporine. Today, staurosporine is one of the most popular research tools in life science research fields.

Today, KAMIYA's life science product lines include thousands of human and animal biomarker assays for preclinical testing with one of the largest selections of ELISA kits in the world. KAMIYA continues to offer a variety of other life science research products including enzyme inhibitors and monoclonal / polyclonal antibodies for use in a variety of fields including apoptosis, multidrug resistance, oxidative / DNA damage and repair, bone biology, cancer, cardiac health, inflammation, stress, obesity, and diabetes.

In 1997, KAMIYA introduced a full line of clinical diagnostic and research immunoassay products for lipid assessment, coagulation, inflammation, diabetes, nutritional assessment, and serum protein measurement based on immunoturbidimetric technology. The K-ASSAY reagents were developed for use on standard chemistry analyzers, requiring no mixing, dissolving, or dilution of reagent or sample, at an exceptional value.

Recently, KAMIYA has introduced new innovative K-ASSAY chemistry analyzer reagents for Insulin, D-Dimer, Factor XIII, Plasma FDP, Serum/Urine FDP, and Total IgE testing.

KAMIYA now has the broadest product line of liquid serum protein immunoassay reagents of any company in the U.S. We supply clinical diagnostic reagents to leading hospitals, medical centers, clinical laboratories, clinical reference labs, research facilities, distributors, and diagnostic instrument companies worldwide.

Look for KAMIYA BIOMEDICAL COMPANY to continue to offer the life science and medical communities with innovative and cutting edge laboratory research and diagnostic tools.

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