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Illumina/Nextera® XT Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)/FC-131-1002/1 Ea188bio精品生物—专注于实验室精品爆款的电商平台 - 蚂蚁淘旗下精选188款生物医学科研用品
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Illumina/Nextera® XT Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)/FC-131-1002/1 Ea

Product Highlights:

Fast Library Prep, Optimized for Small Genomes, PCR Amplicons, and Plasmids
  • Rapid library preparation – complete library prep in as little as 90 minutes with only 15 minutes of hands-on time
  • Fast time to results – go from DNA to data in 8 hours with our benchtop sequencers.
  • Optimized for small genomes, PCR amplicons, and plasmids – one library prep kit for many applications
  • Innovative sample normalization – eliminates the need for library quantification before sample pooling and sequencing

With Nextera technology, DNA is simultaneously fragmented and tagged with sequencing adapters in a single tube enzymatic reaction. Nextera XT supports ultra-low DNA input of only 1 ng. It enables a wide range of input samples, includingsmall genomes, PCR amplicons greater than 300 bp, plasmids, microbial genomes, concatenated amplicons, and double-stranded cDNA.

Multiplexing of up to 384 samples per Nextera XT library is also available for those projects requiring greater throughput. Plus, the kit includes an innovative bead-based sample normalization that eliminates the need for library quantification prior to pooling and sequencing. Libraries prepared with Nextera XT kits are compatible with all Illumina sequencers.

Find an up-to-date list of high-throughput automation vendors with robotic systems compatible with this library preparation kit


Assay Time90 minutes
Hands-On Time15 minutes
Mechanism of ActionEnzymatic Fragmentation
MultiplexingUp to 384 uniquely indexed samples may be pooled and sequenced together.
Input Quantity1 ng DNA
Species CategoryDrosophila,Any Species,Mammalian,Mouse,Yeast,Zebrafish,Human,Rat,Plant,Nematode,Bacteria
System CompatibilityMiSeq,NextSeq 550,NextSeq 500,MiSeq FGx in Research Mode
MethodShotgun Sequencing,Whole-Genome Sequencing,De Novo Sequencing,16S rRNA Sequencing,Amplicon Sequencing,Targeted DNA Sequencing
Variant ClassSingle Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs),Structural Variants
Specialized Sample TypesLow Input,Single Cells
Automation CapabilityLiquid Handling Robots

Nextera XT Library Preparation Workflowimages/illumina/201710/nextera-xt-dna-library-prep-kit-web-graphic-1.png:

The combination of Nextera XT and rapid sequencing with the MiSeq System provides a complete DNA to data workflow in only 8 hours.Innovative Sample Normalizationimages/illumina/201710/nextera-xt-dna-library-prep-kit-web-graphic-2.png


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