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A Global Leader in Biologicals Manufacturing in the Heart of the United States

We have been recognized by researchers and academics as a global leader in biologicals manufacturing. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve been able to help our clients solve complex problems - by producing and manufacturing high quality proteins and enzymes for a wide range of life science research and diagnostic applications through novel extraction methodologies and classical chromatography techniques.

Beyond protein and enzyme manufacturing, we distribute biological samples and specimens that often play a vital role in research, development and manufacturing processes.

Lee Biosolutions is ISO 13485, ISO 9001,  USDA certified and registered with the FDA. We are a major producer and supplier of high purity human and  animal proteins, biological fluids , recombinant proteins and  antibodies used as critical raw materials in the IVD industry and academic research.   We specialize  in the development, manufacturing and purification of high-quality tumor, cardiac, stomach, renal and liver biomarkers and related enzymes and proteins.  We are a major manufacturer of human and animal enzymes and proteins for lipids, urinalysis, bilirubin and multi-analyte controls and calibrators, acute phase proteins, coagulation proteins and immunoassay biomarkers.

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