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NeoClone is the already the Midwest’s premier custom antibody development company.  But now we've added antibody phage display capabilities to help us develop the diverse and specific antibody repertoire to difficult targets that you need.

One of the advantages of phage display is the enormous diversity of variant antibody genes that can be represented in a phage library, even to relatively non-immunogenic targets. NeoClone’s antibody phage display service provides a means of rapidly screening large numbers of scFv in our antibody gene libraries against potential binding partners in only 2 weeks.  Once promising clones are identified, we can clone, express and sequence the scFv antibodies for your further evaluation. Based on your needs, we can engineer the antibody further for expression in mammalian cells, affinity maturation or other optimization steps. NeoClone can also construct new scFv phage libraries from immunized or naïve donors from several species.

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